Hosting Benedikte from Norway has been a very rewarding experience for our entire family.  Our family talked about hosting for years, and this year, we took the plunge to accept an exchange student into our home.  The whole experience has been amazing, and the CHI program was with us every step of the way.  We could not have asked for a better match for our family.  If you're reading this, I personally recommend you take the plunge as well, and welcome an exchange student into your home! Bill and Karen A 2016-17 host family.

Friends, I highly recommend CHI to you and hosting an exchange student, in general. We just said 'see you later' (not goodbye) to our 'daughter' from Belgium. We are looking forward to visiting her there someday soon. While she learned so much about us, Americans, about the language and food etc., we learned, too. We got to see our own culture with fresh eyes. My teenage son learned about Europe--the differences, but just as importantly, how we are the same. We worked hard at the relationships, cramming in a lot in just 10 months. Putting trust on the fast track. It required great openness. It was worth it. We all grew. And isn't that what life, and being a good global citizen is about? Consider this for your family. Sandra K 2016-17 host family